ROI benefits of SEO for dentists

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

Profitable dental website marketing on the Internet consists of two primary factors: prominent visibility in the search engines and a website that converts visitors into patients. More than any other form of advertising, SEO will provide the highest returns.

Advertising that pays for itself...
You could think of search engine optimization as a one-time cost advertisement for websites; it can transform a dormant liability into a valuable asset. An effective SEO strategy will quickly recoup its initial cost; all gains realized afterward are pure profit.

The usefulness of SEO to the dentist in achieving both short and long term goals is a crucial element for an overall marketing plan. SEO can generate a constant flow of new patients for little cost.

ROI Calculator - Profits & Return vs SEO Cost

The dentist can use this tool to calculate the estimated profitability of SEO and determine its value to their dental practice. Other than search engine optimization, improving the website's conversion can substantially boost profit margins; some site designs are just better at convincing people to call and make an appointment.

As you can calculate below, improving your website's conversion rate by only 1% percent will dramatically increase the number of new patients acquired -- and your bottom line.

» SEO costs: (search engine optimization & ranking campaign)
    (this is a median SEO price; charges are commensurate w/ the dental practice location)
Cost: $
» Increase in site visitors per month: (after SEO work)
    (300 monthly is an average traffic gain per 200K+ population)
» Conversion Ratio: (website visitors becoming new patients)
    (4% is a very good website conversion ratio)
Rate:  %
» Initial value of new dental patient: (actual value may be higher)
    (treatment fees for cosmetic dentistry can vary between $1,000 - $15,000)
Fee: $
-- enter whole numbers without commas --
» Additional revenue per month: (with SEO) Extra: $
» Number of months to recover SEO campaign costs: Months:
Overall Value of SEO To Dentists
Price of optimization vs. return: (example)
SEO = $7000. (avg. cost/200k population)
Traffic = 300 new visitors per month
2% Conversion = 6 new patients
Initial Patient Value = $1000. (average)
New Revenue = $6000. mo./gross
SEO Expense Recovery = 1.17 months
Annual Return on SEO investment:
1 year = 72 new patients @ $1000. ea.
1 year = $72,000. = 1029% return
Acquisition cost per new patient:
1st year = $97. each = 1029% return
2nd year & beyond = $0 each = all profit
Average lifetime value of dental patients:
1 patient = $10,000.
72 patients = $720,000.
One-time SEO cost vs. lifetime patient value:
SEO = $7000.
1 patient ($10K) = 143% return
6 patients ($60K) = 857% return
72 patients ($720K) = 10,285% return
Search engines graph
Finding A Dentist
Invariably people today first use a popular search engine on the Internet to locate a dentist. Patients also rely upon referrals from family and friends.
How People Search
Most users will conduct searches for a dentist or dental practice specialty that includes their city of residence in the query.
How SEO Compares With Other Advertising
Yellow Page ad space in a local phone book can cost $30,000 per year. Since statistics show shoppers have migrated to the Internet, that's not such a good deal.

Radio & TV commercials reach vast markets, however audiences often ignore broadcast advertisements and perceive them as only interruptions to their programs. Alternately, in some areas, local TV ads can work well.

SEO on the other hand enables the dentist to promote his practice very efficiently. Customers who initiate a search then visit your dental website are pre-qualified prospects actively seeking a dentist in their location.

Results Oriented Guarantee

Benefits to the dentist become more pronounced when he or she considers that payment for our services is only required after results are realized. Essentially, this means there is no risk. The SEO implemented and the revenue it helps generate from new dental appointments will potentially pay for the costs involved.

Search engine optimization offers dentists a Web-based advertising medium that delivers more new patients to their practice each and every month in addition to their current patient acquisition model - for minimal expense. "Affordable" dental website marketing just became a non-issue. Can you afford NOT to optimize?

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