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SEO Costs: Search Engine Optimization

While most websites offering search engine optimization do not list their prices, we instead choose to be up front and disclose our fees for SEO jobs. Dentists are busy professionals and they deserve seeing a "sticker price" over having to request a quote.

3 Month NO-INTEREST Payment Plan
Our charge to optimize and position the dentist's website in the search engines is due only after we achieve desired results. We also offer three (3) month interest-free financing to help offset advertising costs. You get both assurance and installments.

You read correctly; there is no charge until we produce results. Essentially we are helping the dentist generate the revenue that he or she pays for optimization. This is an unbeatable bargain.

Population Determines Cost

The prices we charge are commensurate with the population of a dentist's service area. This pricing model works well since the density of people living
in a particular city will roughly determine the ratio of dentists, competition from other dental sites and the difficulty to position our clients' websites.

Check Your City »
Prefigure the price for your SEO positioning campaign with the rates shown
at right. To find the exact cost, enter your city or town in the field below and press the "go" button. Once you establish the population for your community, match it to the appropriate range (left column) with our fee listed beside it.

Local Adjoining Areas Can Be Included
Many dentists want to target other communities in close proximity to their practice -- in addition to their main office location. For practices situated in a smaller town, we can optimize to reach other neighboring markets too.

Listed prices represent costs for the application of SEO on the client's site necessary to favorably position it high in the search engines. Complete new websites, site makeovers, copy writing and other services are also available.

Population Cost
0K+ > 25K$4,500
25K+ > 50K$5,000
50K+ > 100K$6,000
100K+ > 200K$7,000
200K+ > 300K$8,500
300K+ > 500K$9,750
500K+ > 750K$10,900
750K+ > 1M$12,500
1M+ > 2M$14,000
2M+ > 3M$16,000
3M+ > 4M$18,000
Adding Extra Cities/Towns
For dental offices situated in smaller towns and rural areas, we can include up to 4 additional city locations with your SEO campaign (total of 5 geo targets). Other towns should be a reasonable driving distance from your primary location, not exceeding 50K in population size. The flat-fee cost to add extra municipalities is $1,000 for each additional city up to 25K in size and $2,500 per town for populations between 25K and 50K.

Fees Are One-Time Charge
We have no hidden costs, nor do we attempt to add extra charges for search engine submissions, or other worthless products the dentist does not need. We provide a valuable advertising service that promises the dental practice great benefit - and since your ranking is largely permanent, our fee is only a one-time cost.

An initial $595 is required to establish your account and develop a project strategy with preliminary keyword and ranking research. Balance due is payable within 14 days of project completion (e.g. positioning). Clients may elect to divide payments into equal amounts and remit 1/3 of total balance due each month over a three (3) month period. No interest will be charged. Settlement options include cash, check, and money order.

Larger Cities/Populations
If the dentist is located in a heavily populated city, they may want to attract patients only from a given section of town. For example, SEO costs for all of Houston, TX is $16K. However, to position a website for a certain area, or subdivision, the cost would be much less. Your area's population, thus the density of dentists and the competitive value or difficulty in positioning the practice website will be a factor in cost.

Rates For Other Services
In addition to SEO, we can offer the dentist a full range of professional website services to help promote their dental practice online. These are available also as stand-alone items and payment is required upon delivery.

• 30 minutes initial SEO consultation - no charge
• website copywriting - included w/ new websites
• domain name suggestions - no charge
new dental websites - $4,995.
• large, multi-page Web sites - $7,995.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Cost-Effective Strategy

SEO is potentially a permanent advertisement for a single fee. The cost for search engine optimization is an extremely sound investment considering the short and long term benefits afforded the dental practice. For all our services, we insist on the highest standards of work and that our clients be satisfied with their purchase.

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