SEO services for dentists

Search Engine Positioning For Dentists

SEO (search engine optimization) is a process that makes a website "search engine friendly" and thus increases the potential for attaining top search engine rankings. SEO works to emphasize page content to help facilitate positioning of dental websites.

The Significance of SE Positions
Search engine positioning is very important to the dentist. Most new patients find and contact a dental practice via an Internet search or by referrals from friends and family. People explore the Web far more than Yellow page ads, print media, or TV & radio.

Statistics show up to 85% of all website visitors arrive by way of a search query. However, most people do not venture past the first two pages of results. This is why top positioning is crucial.

Quality SEO Services Assured

Our SEO techniques work to provide the dental website with enhanced visibility on the Internet in order to advertise the dentist's practice and attract new patients. Essentially we assist search engines with making a proper analysis to confirm that our client's site represents a legitimate doctor of dentistry in a particular city.

Depending on what's needed, we incorporate into the client's website various HTML, code attributes, textual content, links and extra pages that will "optimize" or accentuate the site's content for its target market. To reach the desired goal, SEO is added as needed, uniquely optimizing primary pages for their specific subjects.

Organic Search Results
All our campaigns are directed toward achieving first page, "organic" placements in the search engines for our clients. Also known as "natural results", organic listings are those which appear separate from sponsored ads (PPC / pay-per-click advertisements). Such placements are largely permanent requiring little upkeep.
Overview of Work Performed
Below is a concise list of the methods we use which have proven effective consistently over time. Once we consult with the dentist, SEO is employed to achieve top ranking for their most productive keywords. We will correct and rewrite content to the extent needed to attain this goal. Writing fresh, new site content is extra.
• determine the website's target municipality
• assess the competition from other websites
• develop a well-defined list of keyword phrases
• establish position benchmarks for reference
• optimize content emphasizing theme relevance
• spell check and review all work before upload
• transfer new optimized files to client's server
• link w/ pre-qualified sites to improve link analysis
• associate the website with its given industry
• monitor the *SERPS and refine SEO as needed
• notify the dentist w/ regular progress reports
SEO traffic chart
*SERPS refers to "search engine results pages" and/or a website's ranking for a set of keywords

Visitor traffic to the sites we optimize is analyzed and tracked for keyword activity via a statistics counter placed on the websites' pages. We also conduct active keyword queries on the search engines themselves.

Check Search Engine Positions
How do you know if your site needs SEO?
That's easy; simply use our free online utility to find your site's positions. Click the button at right and enter your website domain, your city and a specialty. If your website isn't found in the first 10 results, you need SEO.
Additional Services Offered
• original content copywriting
• site submissions to directories
• SEO consultation by phone/email
• complete new websites built
• custom dental video productions
• site makeovers & logo graphics
• dental website hosting
SEO for Dental Websites - 100% Performance Guaranteed
Other SEO service companies will charge the dentist a monthly, or an annually recurring fee (forever) for dental website optimization. However, rarely (if ever) will these outfits offer any guarantees.

In comparison, we keep dentists informed with keyword position reports and we guarantee search engine rankings. Your SEO costs are a one-time fee -- billed only after your project is successful.

We offer competitive rates for other services in addition to SEO. Same as our search engine optimization, dentists can always expect the highest quality standards in workmanship and attention to details.

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